Our digital and physical archives host a huge amount of products. These are the result of intensive cataloguing, carried out over the years. They represent our professional history and help us to always take into account the evolution of the market, proposals and styles and fashion. To fully describe our reality we should collect thousands of references, in this section we propose some of the most representative achievements of our laboratory.

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Natural materials
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The Invoga collection has thousands of references, products made over the years for high fashion clothing. The elements are the result of an analytical and research work, which allows to define the main aspects that characterize the product. By selecting first choice materials, Invoga guarantees an optimal result that lasts over time, to maintain high quality standards. Specific processes are carried out on the products, using machinery suitable to treat the selected material to obtain the best possible effect in the final result.

Invoga creates products of different types for clothing:

  • Frogging
  • Sail rings
  • Badge
  • Studs
  • Buttons
  • Closures
  • Rope clip
  • Buckles
  • String
  • Ornaments
  • Ornaments
  • Passers-by
  • Path
  • Pendants
  • Rivets


Dedicated and customized products
Invoga offers companies in the fashion and clothing industry a dedicated service of creating customized products.
We are proud of our ability to be original and innovative. For this reason we are excited to collaborate with professionals and companies who have a project in mind, an idea or who want to find the right inspiration.
Invoga makes buttons, frogs, studs, rivets, applications, ornaments, buckles, loops, clasps, rope clips, pendants and many other elements for the world of fashion and clothing.

The path of realization of a personalized product begins with a contact between Invoga and the customer, setting a synergic collaboration that guarantees an optimal result in the production.

During the development of the project, the different phases are structured, with careful supervision of the design and the processing and prototyping phases. By carrying out analysis and technical evaluations, Invoga supports the customer in the creation of unique and original products, selecting the best materials to create products of excellent aesthetics and high quality.



Quality raw materials
We invest all the resources needed to analyze and choose carefully the raw materials to be used in our productions. Our products represent us, because they are the result of long experience and intense research and continuous updating.
Invoga can count on a wide selection of raw materials for the production of buttons and accessories for clothing and fashion, enhancing tradition and new trends.
The continuous research and passion guide Invoga towards technological innovation and the development of visionary and revolutionary proposals, while the attention in the process of selection of raw materials allows to propose increasingly advanced products.
The production selects first class materials, choosing suppliers that guarantee the best level of quality. Invoga manufactures its products using materials of different types, to obtain buttons and accessories of excellent quality.

The main materials in which the products are created:

  • Abs
  • Horn
  • Corozo
  • Jewel
  • Wood
  • Mother of pearl
  • Metal
  • Nylon
  • Bone
  • Trimming
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Covered


From the raw material to the finished product
Each material has specific characteristics, which condition the processing methods. In order to realize the most particular shapes, the suitable thicknesses, the most attractive combinations, we work the raw materials with precise techniques and machinery.
Invoga chooses specific processes to develop its creations, with the aim of achieving high quality products.
By evaluating the type of product and the characteristics of the selected raw materials, Invoga identifies the most suitable production process by carefully following each stage up to the finished product.
The materials are processed entirely with the use of high-tech techniques and machinery in Italy, to have a guarantee of quality and control, and to be able to offer on the market of products completely Made in Italy. Each stage of production is controlled in each step to ensure an optimal result.
The products undergo a processing process that is articulated starting from a phase of study, research and analysis to determine the characteristics of the product, defining an original style and design, and then proceed in the processing from the raw material.

Some of the main processing techniques used:

  • Tumbling
  • Quality control
  • Drilling
  • Photoengraving
  • Galvanic
  • Die cutting
  • Laser engravings and cutting
  • Polishing Resin prototypes
  • Die Casting and Rubber Printing
  • Enamelling Printing Microinjection and sputtering
  • Dyeing
  • Plant
  • Turning
  • Shearing
  • Painting