Who we are


High Italian craftsmanship
A specialized handicraft workshop, dedicated to the production of buttons, accessories and trimmings. Born in the '70s from a family tradition, the activity today consists in the production of fashion elements for important brands of clothing. Continuous research in the fields of materials, paints and design is a constant in the productive reality of Invoga. This approach allows you to always have modern and particular proposals, also makes it possible to create ad hoc products according to specific requests.

Relying on experience and our passion we develop dedicated projects that are born from the research and study of the garments to which the products will be applied.


In a world where the detail makes the difference, the button and the accessory assume a special relevance. Consideration in the forms, in the quality of materials and colors are part of our history and our present. We develop a constant research aimed at identifying the stylistic innovations and the new trends of the sector, we produce models with expertise on design and collaborate with the most important fashion houses in the national and international.

Invoga is in charge of searching and selecting the best available materials using the most accurate processing techniques to create iconic creations, innovative proposals and customized products.

Invoga is a creative laboratory where we experiment combinations of materials, new forms, applications and techniques.


The value of the territory and respect for the environment.
Invoga believes in the values of ecology and sustainability, working constantly to reduce waste and limit the impact on the environment. The goal of sustainable development is a founding value of the company, which chooses to operate following the path indicated by the UN in the objectives for sustainable development.

The company has always been linked to the territory where it was born and still operates, encouraging local initiatives and social activities. Invoga is committed to constantly improving aspects of sustainability, protection of the territory and sociality, in a continuous process of updating and sharing that aims to make the company and its activities increasingly eco-sustainable, social and inclusive.